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Bali to Cairns
  • 15 Days
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  • Australia
Snorkel the vibrant waters of the South Pacific
Bali to Singapore
  • 9 Days
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  • Indonesia
SeaDream Yacht Club
Visit the ancient temples of Semarang
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Discover the "Land of Gods" as you journey through Bali. Bursting with Hindu culture, Bali is home to an ancient culture that farmed terraced rice paddies and built breathtaking temples like the famous 16th century temple,Tanah Lot. Travel throughout the highlands of Bali taking in the cultural center of Ubud, the rice terraces of Sideman and the towering volcano of Mount Agung. Dive into the waters surrounding Menjangan Island where you'll see some of the most bio-diverse waters in all of Indonesia. Try your hand at surfing with lessons in the waves of Bali's Western Coast at the booming beach town of Canggu. We invite you to embrace the beauty of Bali, from its natural wonders to its inviting people, with Adventure Life. Please Contact us when you're ready to start planning your adventure.
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10 Best Bali Small Ship Cruises & Tours for 2022-2023

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6 Best Bali Tours for 2022-2023

7 Top-Rated Small Cruise Ships Visiting Bali for 2022-2023

Ship NameMax PassengersFromSummary
Le Laperouse184$6220Experience the luxurious settings that Le Laperouse offers while you enjoy the authenticity and passion for travel on each itinerary. Its …
National Geographic Orion102$13530The creation of the National Geographic Orion in 2003 heralds a new breed of expedition ship: a state-of-the-art vessel which combines the latest …
Ombak Putih24$3890Ombak Putih was made in 1995 by Buginese ship builders at Kalimantan. This unique heritage vessel was subject of a major interior transformation in …
Paul Gauguin332$7300The Paul Gauguin was designed specifically to sail the shallow seas of Tahiti and French Polynesia, visiting small ports that larger ships …
Aqua Blu30$8505Board the Aqua Blu as it sails along the pristine East Indonesian Archipelago. This luxurious long-range explorer yacht can accommodate 30 guests. …
Katharina12$3890Built in 1995 using only the very best grades of ironwood, Katharina is a legendary vessel that mixes together traditional materials, shaped by …
Seabourn Sojourn450$192598The World's Finest Resort at Sea Seabourn's award-winning, all- suite ships combine nimbler power and grace with beautifully designed spaces and …

6 Top Bali Travel Deals for 2022-2023

Trip NameFromDaysNext DepartureSummary
Undiscovered Paradise$265212Jul 28, 2022Start your 12-tour of Bali in the quiet, seaside town of Sanur, brimming with small-town charm colored by local markets, boutique lodges, and endless …
Komodo National Park Cruise$85058Aug 6, 2022Aqua Blu invites you on this 8-day exploration to Indonesia's beautiful Komodo National Park, from Benoa, Bali to Labuan Bajo. Explore these wild …
Best of Bali & Lombok$530214Jul 28, 2022Your 14-day Bali adventure starts in Denpasar and covers the main highlights of the region, including snorkeling, surfing, a cooking class, visiting …
Belmond Jimbaran Resort$30624-6Jul 28, 2022Spend five days on the white sand beaches of Jimbaran Beach in Bali at the luxurious village cottages of Belmond Jimbaran Resort. This is a great …
Seminyak Beach Escape$28274-6Jul 28, 2022Spend 4 to 6 days being pampered at a luxury beach resort in Seminyak, Bali. From the upscale Samaya Seminyak beach resort you'll set out for …
Whale Sharks, Corals & Dragons$38908Aug 8, 2022Board Ombak Putih on this 8-day cruise from Komodo to Bali to explore some of the highlights of southern Indonesia. Snorkel amongst vibrant coral …
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Bali Travel Tips & Cruising Guide

The Highlights of Bali
Bali is a tropical paradise in the tranquil Pacific waters. Perhaps the most famous and popular destinations of the Indonesian islands, a trip to Bali promises:
  •  Visits to the Temples and Caves of Ubud, sacred places that channel the spiritual energy of the surrounding wilderness.
  • An authentic Indonesian farmer's market of Pasar Gianyar.
  • The temple built in a cave of Goa Lawah
  • Klungkung and the KertaGosa (Hall of Justice), representative of the high points in Indonesian architecture from the past few centuries.
  • A hike up Mount Agung
  • A relaxing day at Sanur Beach, followed by an exclusive dinner with a member of the Bali royal family
Best Bali, Indonesia Small Ship Cruise Lines for 2022-2023
  • Sea Trek Sailing Adventures - offers four excursions along Indonesia's Ring of Fire between Bali and Komodo aboard Ombak Putih, a fully equipped traditional Indonesian schooner with a capacity of 24 people divided into 12 exquisite cabins.
  • Aurora Expeditions - has a maiden voyage to West Papua scheduled for 2022, sailing to Raja Ampat. This Indonesian region, which is a part of the Coral Triangle, is home to some of the most varied marine creatures on the planet. The innovative Ulstein X-BOW® on board the Sylvia Earle allows the ship to navigate seas more comfortably and effectively.
  • Aqua Expeditions offers uniquely designed boutique expedition ships with a 1:1 guest-to-guide ratio offering personalized treatment in private and public areas and on custom excursions. Sail off on a dream cruise from Bali to Komodo National Park on the exceptional Aqua Blu, and enjoy an adventurous Komodo cruise through untouched Indonesian seas.


Fun Facts about Bali

  • There are several species of dolphins that live off the coast of Bali.
  • Some of the most expensive coffee in the world - sold at $50/cup - is from Bali and comes from civet droppings.
  • The main religion in Bali is Hindu.
  • The Agung Volcano is thought to be the most sacred place on the island.
  • Because of the volcanic activity, Bali is home to black sand beaches. 
  • Contrasting with these jet black beaches are the stunning white sand beaches.
  • Bali hosts the world's largest commercial bamboo building, which houses a chocolate factory.

Bali Travel FAQs

Do I need a visa to travel to Bali?

US citizens do not need a visa to visit Indonesia for up to 30 days.  Longer stays will require a visa. Tourist visas are not hard to get, and we can help point you in the right direction throughout the process. Check the visa requirements for more specific information.

Is tipping customary in Bali?

You do not have to tip in Bali, as a service charge is usually already included in your bill. If you want to leave some extra money, that is at your discretion based on excellent service.

What is internet access like in Bali?

Don't count on reliable internet access in Bali. It might be available in certain hotels, but otherwise, it is unlikely that you will find a strong or fast signal. While we can't say that you definitely won't have internet access, it's best to assume that it will be very limited on your trip to Bali.

Can I use my cell phone while in Bali?

You might be able to use your phone in Bali, but only when you are within range of the cell towers. You will need to ask your service provider to unlock your phone so that you can purchase a SIM chip once you arrive in Bali and access their local network. This will only work if your phone is GSM-enabled. Otherwise, consider just using WiFi where it's available or asking your service provider about international plans.

Do I need power adapters?

Bali, like most of Indonesia, will have C or F style plugs - the European two round prong style, contrary to the A & B styles of North America. Power is 220v, unlike the 110v power in the US, but most 110v devices can also handle 220v without needing a power converter.

What are the toilets like in Bali?

Cruise ships and hotels will have normal bowl toilets, however, in remote areas of Asia, it is common to find squat toilets. If you're in remote areas, it's a good idea to bring your own toilet paper and not flush it down any toilets. 

Can I drink the water in Bali?

You should not drink or prepare food with tap water in Bali, but you can use it for bathing. We make sure that you will always have access to either clean bottled or purified water on your trip.

Are credit cards accepted in Bali? Will I be able to find ATM's?

ATM's are pretty common in Bali, but cards aren't accepted in many places. We recommend taking money out of an ATM several times throughout your trip so that you can pay with cash. The more isolated your destination, the less likely it will be that you can use your card or find an ATM.

Should I purchase travel insurance?

It's always a good idea to purchase travel insurance before going on your vacation, and our close relationship with TravelGuard ensures us some of the best prices on comprehensive insurance coverage.

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